Chelsea Auto Legends

The inaugural Chelsea Auto Legends event set in the gardens of the Royal Hospital was deemed to be an excellent addition to the motorsport calendar. The show boasted a blend of vehicles both old and new, from classic 50s road cars to modern day LeMans prototypes. The event was the brainchild of Michael Scott, founder of the ’96 Club’. Motor racing legend Sir Stirling Moss welcomed visitors and signed autographs for the many enthusiasts. Also in attendance was 5x LeMans winner Derek Bell and Richard Attwood.

Visitors experienced classic Ferraris on entry, a display of LeMans racing cars and modern supercars. There was also a high number of private exhibitors who drove to the event in their own sportscars and then put them on display for others to view. An auction organised by Bonhams took place where motorsport memorabilia was sold, with the proceeds going towards the Royal Hospital’s modernisation programme.

By the looks of it, a 2011 Chelsea Auto Legends is a certainty, given that the bags handed out to visitors, had the date of the 2011 event on them. A good thing indeed.

A selection of images from the event can be seen below, more shall follow on our Flickr page in the coming days.

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