Using Twitter to create a motorsport company

Last March I decided to restart Track Talent, a project that started off as a university final year project. Like most motorsport websites I run this one because of my interest in motorsport and to enable me to have an online presence, a place for me keep my web and writing skills in check. I’m unable to dedicate the time to run an up to date news based website so I focus on writing articles and features instead.

Just before this website launched, I registered the project’s twitter name (@TrackTalentUK) with the aim of engaging with fellow enthusiasts and to make contacts. Throughout the past year it’s been really good to speak with some of the people who read the content on this site, it makes it all worthwhile. So with this in mind, i’ve put together a fictional motorsport company and listed Track Talent’s twitter followers, and the role they could play.

Driver Management:
Jonny Restrick (@jonnyrestrick)

John Williams (@JWilliamsRacing)
Julie Sturrock (@buff_s)
Anyone of you!

Simon Ward (@physio2)

Steffi Crouch (@Steffi_Crouch)

Matt Clinch (@mattclinch)

Team photographers:
Pete Mainley – (@petemainey)
Nick Dungan – (@SportsStockcouk)
Tom Hughes – (@TomHughes_Photo)

Journalists / Copywriters / Press Office:
Peter Allen – (@Pete93Allen)
Michael Trusler – (@Mike_Trusler)
Leandra Graves – (@leandragraves)
Nikki Thompson – (@nikkii98)
Bexcci – (@Bexcci)
Grace Cunningham – (@GraceF1Fanatic)

Media Partner:
The Checkered Flag – (@TheCheckerFlag)

Goodyear (@goodyear_uk)

Anglo American Oil Company (@RacingAAOC)

Academic link up:
Cranfield University (@CranfieldUniSAS)

So as you can see, quite a range of followers from various motor-racing angles. We’re lacking a bit on the engineering side though for a motorsport company! Just a bit of fun but fancied doing it as a thank you to our Twitter followers. If only there was some cash around the place to set up for real eh?

If you do want to contact me (Andrew) about anything, please click here.

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