Racing to the line – MSV Track Day Trophy

For many with an interest in motorsport it is an ambition to take part and race, although the high costs associated with doing so prevent many from taking their interest any further. At the end of 2009, MotorSport Vision setup the Track Day Trophy, a series that is aimed at track day fans and motorsport enthusiasts and allows competitors to race at a relatively low price. Julie Sturrock is one such enthusiast looking to compete in this year’s MSV Track Day Trophy.

As a customer of many driving day experiences at circuits like Silverstone and Thruxton, Julie decided to take the ARDS test, in order to gain the National B race license.

“Originally I decided to do National B license as a milestone or goal for self achievement never thinking I could actually go racing. I also wanted my trackdays to lead somewhere. Due to costs of going racing & having no experience of karting or similar at a younger age never thought I could consider racing.”

The format of the series is 30 min practice & 30 mins qualifying, followed by a 45 minute race with a mandatory pitstop. Many teams have two drivers for each car. Drivers wanting to take part in the series can use their own race-prepped car (the rule book requires a rollcage, fire extinguishers etc), or go down the arrive and drive route, and drive an already race prepped car and concentrate on the driving aspect of taking part. Sturrock attended last November’s Racecar Live event and after speaking to MSV and Track Day Trophy representatives on the day, this led her to Faze1 Motorsport, a company which provides a number of motorsport services including the hire of Porsches for use in the Track Day Trophy.

“I am not mechanically minded & would not be able to do own car prep/maintenance between races so hiring seemed best option. I also have no garage or means of transport – costs include tyres/brakes/fuel etc/race team & transport to from track.”

Julie will be driving a Porsche 944S2 for this year’s trophy. This was the car that was driven by Jonny Smith in Channel Five’s Fifth Gear programme, as you can see below.

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Last year was the debut season for the Track Day Trophy and one that saw a good number of entrants and close racing. The first race of the 2010 season took place at Brands Hatch. Twenty two cars took part in the debut race and the winner of the first race won by just 0.5 seconds. This year MSV is looking to build on that success by lengthening the race calendar to six races. Cars entered into the series are put into one of four classes, based on power to weight. These range from Class A (176bhp-200bhp ton) down to Class D (upto 125bhp ton). Slick tyres are not permitted and MSV has a list of the eligible tyres that entries can use. The emphasis on low cost regulations has enabled the trophy series to host a range of race cars, from Ginettas, E30 M3 BMWs to late 80s Golf GTIs.

The calendar for this year is as follows:

Race 1 – Snetterton (300 circuit) – Sat 19th March
Race 2 – Cadwell Park – Sat 21st May
Race 3 – Brands Hatch – Sun 17th July
Race 4 – Donington Park (National) – Sun 14th August
Race 5 – Anglesey (International) – Sat 10th September
Race 6 – Oulton Park – Sat 22nd October

Whilst Julie has had track time at Silverstone and Thruxton, she has only driven Brands Hatch of the circuits that are on the Track Day Trophy calendar. Sturrock, aims to get out in the car at the end of this month at Snetterton, shortly before the first race there on March 19th. Racing on the new ‘300’ circuit will be new to everyone taking part and Julie cannot wait for the lights to go green. All the best Julie and Faze1!


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[Images courtesy of MotorSport Vision]

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