Start to a new season

With less than a week to go until the start of the 2013 Formula One season, the wait is nearly over. It’s a wait that personally has caused some unusual behaviour, but it appears that I am not the only one affected. Over the Winter months, motorsport fans have had to endure a lack of actual events and make themselves content with reading article after article on various motorsport websites. It’s little wonder that Autosport’s Twitter account has just hit one hundred thousand followers.

Fairly frequent trips to YouTube for archive footage of Formula One from the 80s and early 90s has helped. The lack of motorsport activity over the Winter is one that hits a motorsport specific TV channel – MotorsTV quite hard. Winter months at MotorsTV is full of repeats of motocross action and other random events. The other week they showed live coverage of a bike event on a French beach. The weather epitomised the dullness of it all, but I still ended up watching fifteen minutes of it – ‘because it’s motorsport’. More recently the Bathurst 12hrs GT event was shown and last week V8 Supercars. It’s these events that trickle out and it dawns on you that the main motorsport season starts soon. Personally a fan of F1 – at least it starts very soon. It’s 20 days today until BTCC starts which with a number of driver changes and new car models this year – should be a good one.

Formula One sees a big change next year, so with little changed in terms of regulations this year, it would be fairly safe to assume that Alonso & Vettel will be the men to beat. RedBull started last year relatively slowly for their recent standards. I’m not sure they will make the same mistake. I cannot see past Vettel winning this year, although I would like to be proved wrong. It’s not that I dislike Vettel but with the number of world champions and for the general interest in the sport, it would be good if the same driver didn’t win every other weekend. A lot has been said about Hamilton moving to Mercedes. I will not go over bits that other, better, motorsport outlets have written dozens of articles on, but I think this year would be deemed a good year for Hamilton if he were to get a number of podium places this year. Hopefully this year McLaren will spend less on animated cartoons and more on getting the mix right at Woking. Perez showed flashes of his talent last year and will be interesting to see how he fares. Button, though likeable is a bit hot and cold for me. On his day he can beat the best and make it look easy but at other races can look out of sorts. Perhaps it is something internal at McLaren that does that to their drivers.

With qualifying and the race to start at 6am on Saturday and Sunday respectively, you bet I am getting up early and watching it. Besides, I wouldn’t want to turn on the latter day Ceefax (Twitter) and for it to flash up and say who won. £”$”@$:”….

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